Cleaning out the junk – Part 1

So on Sunday I cleaned out one food cupboard, organizing and looking for junky food. The list below is what I found and threw out.  It kind of is an eclectic cupboard…

Keep: Rolled oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, couscous, ground flax seeds, honey, Greens+ instant smoothie, instant coffee (it can’t be that bad right?), assorted Lara bars, blackstrap molasses, raw, unsalted almonds and cashews and a bottle of Elete electrolyte add-in.

Keep for family until gone (but not for me to eat & don’t buy again): Goldfish crackers, Nature Valley sweet and salty, Shake and Bake, guacamole mix, kids ice cream cones, jello, Sunrype fruit to go fruit leathers, 2 sample of Gu-Chomps, Minit tapioca (for thickening pies), and sugar cubes (party leftovers).

Gone: Toddler cookies and dried fruit snacks, sourdough crackers, macadamia nuts (stale) and instant oatmeal – brown sugar and maple syrup flavour.

The next cupboard to tackle is much bigger and contains all the canned goods but what should be even more interesting (to me at least!) is the stuff that is at the back of the refrigerator!  Hopefully I will get to that this weekend.

On another note, I have managed to avoid eating the Purdy’s chocolate leftovers from Christmas, although I have very much wanted to.  This week I am focussing on eliminating added/artificial sugars from my diet.  And I even managed to get some exercise in for 30 minutes on Sunday morning.

Till next time…

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