It’s been a while…

So it has been a while since I wrote anything on this blog.  About a year and four months. And I have an excuse for that, really.  Part of that excuse was the long hours that went into creating a website for my husband’s new business, Engineered Bodies, and in the process learning more than I ever expected to know about WordPress templates and HTML code. The other two parts were kids (at the time of my last post my youngest was six months old and I wasn’t getting much sleep) and a part time job for me.  And then it just took me a while to figure out how to balance everything – maybe juggle would be a better word.

But enough of the excuses.  I’m here now.  Writing.  Finally.  And it feels good.

Overall, the past year had its fair share of ups and downs, like everyone else, but I did somewhat succeed on eating fairly clean.  Sure, there were definitely weeks of macaroni and cheese (homemade somehow makes it feel a bit more healthy) and too much sugar, but I did try to modify recipes to make it better.  I saw a holistic nutritionist and learned some new things and confirmed other things too.  I lost about 30 lbs, started back at the gym, then stopped going but I am managing to exercise mainly at home, doing kettlebell swings and biking the kids to school.

But now I’ve sort of plateaued in the get fit category and I’m looking for something to jump start things.  A side note: this isn’t all about losing weight – I don’t want to be flabby anymore; for me it’s about getting back to the level of fitness – strength and conditioning – that I was pre-children.  Plus doing something for me that makes me feel happier.  If fitting back into my jeans is another benefit, great, if not then I’ll get new jeans.

Got to go now, nap time is over.  Stay tuned for my most recent adventures in food and fitness (and in general, life).

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