11 days in

I’m 11 days into my Paleo experiment and I have to say it is not as nearly difficult as I expected. Yes, I miss eating freshly baked sourdough bread and my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies but I can do without most everything else. It has really highlighted for me how dependent I was on convenience foods like cereal and muffins even though they were the healthier options or homemade with little sugar.

You might be wondering “what the heck is this girl eating?” Well, a typical breakfast is 2 eggs and big bowl of fruit, usually berries. Lunch is last nights leftovers sometimes supplemented with salad and dinner lately has been grilled meat and vegetables with a green salad. Pretty simple. And snacks are something like almond butter with veggie sticks or a handful of nuts.

But salad two times a day! Doesn’t that get boring? It will if you don’t find a few tasty dressings that you can make at home. Same goes for meat – keep it interesting by switching up marinades and cooking methods. Tomorrow I’ll share some of my current favourites on my recipe page.

The best part though, is how I feel. And it’s great!

Note: I’m following the Paleo diet about 95% of the time. I also have an occasional protein shake.

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