Planning ahead

This past long weekend was filled with social engagements and working in our plot at the community garden.  This definitely challenged the Paleo eating style and highlighted the importance of planning ahead.

Because we have small kids, I am used to taking snacks for them and am fairly good at taking things for myself and my husband.  For us, that now means nuts and an apple – simple and easy.  But coming home at lunchtime from the garden where we have been hard at work moving dirt around and being hungry…well then, something is needed quickly.  We no longer stop at the local Subway and grab a sandwich but making a salad at home with some canned salmon (or tuna, if you prefer) is a pretty quick alternative.  Add some chopped tomato, cucumber and peppers (or whatever vegetables you have in your fridge), and a drizzle of pre-made salad dressing a la Anna’s House dressing – and there it is – lunch.  If you are really organized, you could pre-chop your vegetables and I’m sure you’d have a salad in under 5 minutes.  Leftover steak or chicken is also a tasty addition.  So really there are no excuses for not eating Paleo; it all just comes down to planning ahead.

We also went to our nephew’s first birthday party.  This time we did not do a good job of planning ahead.  I forgot to have a snack before we left, and also forgot to take one with me.  The party had a tonne of food, just not food we could eat.  There were coconut buns, BBQ pork buns, noodles, spring rolls and fruit and vegetable plates.  All tasty things. And then the cake.  The sight of all that food was making my mouth water! So by the time 6 pm rolled around my husband and I were sick of plain vegetables and still hungry.  Good thing Memphis Blues BBQ House was on our way home! A platter of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and smoked chicken was so satisfying!

Tonight, we’re having company over for dinner.  Good thing my friend is totally ok with eating the Paleo way. Come to think of it though, that’s just the way we eat now so I won’t be serving bread anytime soon.

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