Dinner Improvisation…Paleo Style

I haven’t done a big grocery shop in a while, just some trips to the store in the past few days to grab the necessities: meat or veggies.  So today my fridge was looking a little empty, except for the defrosting extra lean ground beef, courtesy of Hopcott Meats in Pitt Meadows, BC.  Since it was a nice day and I was out of spaghetti squash, I decided to make burgers on the barbecue.

Now to some people, a burger without a bun is not a burger but I would beg to differ.  At first I was skeptical about this “burger without a bun” and thought that lettuce could, in no way, replace the soft, yeasty, goodness of a freshly baked whole wheat bun (yes, I do miss bread occasionally, like right about now) but there are a few other ways to eat a burger. Personally, the lettuce “bun” ranks an ok in my books but what I’ve found I like even better is a burger stack.  What do I mean by this?  This: a burger patty layered with yummy things on top, like homemade salsa and avocado, which is what I had tonight.  (I meant to take a picture but these disappeared rather quickly) You could be really creative.  How about roasted red pepper with jalepenos? Or grilled eggplant with garlic tahini?  There are endless combinations. And you could still even wrap it all up in some lettuce, if you like.

What’s your favourite burger condiments?  Paleo style, of course.

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