20 days of eating clean, and then…

French fry temptation.

Yesterday around 4:30pm, just as I was about to cook our Paleo dinner, I got a phone call from some friends who asked us to go to the park and have dinner with them at the fish and chips place there.  Our kids love to play together, so after a moments hesitation I said yes.  Twenty minutes later, after wrangling the kids into the bike trailer and a short ride to the park, we were waiting in line for our fish and chips.

Now, I planned a little bit ahead: I brought salad and some leftover homemade burger patties but I didn’t  bring enough food and I definitely didn’t count on the smell of the fries that weakened my resolve.  It is really hard to a) keep your kids from eating non-Paleo when their friends are eating fish and chips and b) for me at least, to keep myself from eating it when everyone else at the table, or in this case, the entire park is eating it! So I caved in and ate about five fries and some salmon (without the batter).

At first, I felt physically ok, although a little disappointed in myself.  I was telling myself that a little bit of non-Paleo here and there isn’t going to hurt me in the long term. Maybe that’s true, but about 30 minutes later, as I was about to get back on the bike and go home, I started to feel terrible.  My stomach hurt and felt heavy. I have never felt that way eating Paleo foods, even when I eat too much.  I felt this way for a couple of hours and even this morning when I woke up I didn’t feel quite the same as usual.

Lesson learned: If I am going to eat fries, I am going to pay for it later.

This experiment has me wondering if it will be that way with other foods, like Dairy Queen Skor blizzards or fresh sourdough bread.  In any case, I am not going to find that out any time soon! That’s not to say that I won’t ever eat the foods I love or have birthday cake again but these events are going to be few and far between. And eaten after a big, satisfying Paleo meal.

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