Almond Flax Cookies

My 1st Paleo cookie experiment. It was actually good!

I was reading a cookbook looking for dinner inspiration when I came across some dessert recipes.  While these recipes were definitely not Paleo-approved, it started me thinking that I could most likely make cookies with Paleo ingredients and with what I had on hand.

In my mind, the primary ingredient in any good cookie is butter and this cookie is no different (thank goodness it is on the Paleo list!).  Now I needed some “flour”; I had almond flour and coconut flour, hmmm.  I really like the taste of marzipan, so I was hoping that the almond flour would at least hint at that flavour.  For the “sugar” I used maple syrup.  A bit of vanilla for taste. An egg and some soaked flax seeds. Et voila! A very soft batter that needed refrigeration (or some time in the freezer).

After the batter had firmed up, I rolled it into 1″ balls then pressed them down with a fork on the cookie sheet.  The first batch I just left as balls but ended up pressing them down part way through the baking process as they didn’t look like they were going to flatten out on their own.  I also took them out too early – they were only lightly browned which resulted in a very crumbly cookie but still delicious nonetheless (and kid-approved too).

The recipe is here if you want to try it. You might not be even able to tell that they are not regular cookies – my husband didn’t know the difference (Sometimes I make the kids “regular” pancake or cookies. When my husband came home, he saw a cookie on the cooling rack and ate it.  He was almost finished when he had the thought that they might contain wheat flour but then ate three more before he asked me!).

One last thing.  In case you are wondering why the egg and the soaked flax seeds, well I don’t know.  I probably could have made the cookie with one or the other, or just have not soaked the flax seeds.  I like to add flax seeds or hemp hearts to my baking, just for a little bit of extra healthiness but I don’t actually know how much they improve the nutrition of the cookie or muffin.

Let me know if you make these.  If you make any changes to the recipe, I’d love to hear about what you did differently.

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