Rainy Weather and Chocolate Cravings

It feels like it has been raining here endlessly.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I do remember there was one week in May that gave me hope that summer, or at least drier weather, was just around the corner.  The last two weeks have dashed that hope and the short-term forecast doesn’t hold much promise either.  Can you guess where I live?

These gloomy days make me crave hot chocolate or curling up with a cup of chai, loaded with sugar.  So far I’ve resisted putting anything un-Paleo in my mouth but I have made whole wheat, flax, hemp heart, blueberry muffins for my kids and friends, just so I could enjoy the smell of them baking.  Sounds like a bit of bakery torture, doesn’t it? You’d think so but sometimes I find that the smell is good enough and I don’t actually want to eat what I’ve made – even before my Paleo conversion, this was the case.

Will I always live this strictly? Well, yes and no.  I’ve decided that the first Sunday of the month will be reserved for eating one non-Paleo meal.  Kind of an 80/20 thing.  Or 90/10. Whichever.  I can do that.  This past Sunday I ate one cookie that I made.  Just one small chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie.  Yum.  And I was ok.  I could stop at one.  And haven’t had once since even though I see them every time I open the freezer (note to self: move the cookies to the back of the freezer!).  Turns out I do have willpower when it comes to chocolate.

What do you crave and why?

Recipe update: This weekend I am going to experiment with dates and cocoa – a Paleo energy bar of sorts.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  And tomorrow I’m going to make an avocado shrimp boat.  I don’t know what else to call it so I’ll be sure to take a few photos.

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