Is there really such a thing as a Paleo brownie?

Yes.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Of course, in this case, it depends on your definition of necessity but for me (and my husband, who loves my baking), yes, it was necessary to discover if this was possible.  And I’m pleased to say that Paleo brownies are definitely possible.

Last night I was watching a show on TLC about a cupcake company.  It made me wonder if I could make Paleo-approved baked goods.  I think I’ve mentioned it before but in case you didn’t know I love to bake and I also love chocolate (good chocolate). Looking at what I had in my baking supplies drawer, I saw that there was not enough almond flour for cookies but I did have coconut flour and cocoa.  Since I had been craving some chocolate earlier in the week, brownies seemed like a good idea.  You can find the recipe in Recipe>Baking.  And this is what they looked like:

I can also say that they tasted great!  If there are some leftover tomorrow, I am going to take them to brunch with some non-Paleo friends and find out what they think.

Note:   I used maple syrup in these brownies and it appears that although there are plethora of Paleo recipes (some posted on Robb Wolf’s site) that maple syrup is not necessarily considered part of the Paleo diet.  However, I figure that I use it in moderation and in small quantities (on a per serving basis) that this will make up part of the 10-20% non-Paleo foods I consume.  Honey would probably make a good substitute.

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