Recipe: Zucchini

So I missed out on posting this yesterday – it was hectic. ┬áBut here are the many ways I eat the fresh, organic zucchini that my garden has produced. Grilled, raw and baked. Continue reading Recipe: Zucchini


How many ways can you eat zucchini?

Many ways, apparently.

This past Saturday, I picked 16 pounds (7.25 kg) of zucchini from my garden. It is basically an entire grocery bag of these green summer squashes. I managed to give three large zucchinis away to neighbours but I suspect before long they will not be so accepting!

So what to go with the remaining 8 or so pounds? Here are a few of my favourite ways:

  • put it in gazpacho (click here for the recipe),
  • slice in to rounds (especially if you have big zucchini) and grill it, or
  • eat it raw.

Recipes to follow – I’m just writing them out now but the humidity here is making me crazy! I’ll finish up and post them tomorrow. ┬áStay tuned!