Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Soup

This is for Heather.

I was inspired to make something with red peppers after I saw them on sale at the local grocery store.  To me, roasting red peppers makes them all that much better.  By the end of the shopping trip, I had 10 red peppers waiting for me to make something from them.  And because I live on the wet coast, it was a soup kind of day.

So here is my roasted red pepper soup, with bacon of course! Continue reading Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Soup


Recipe: Simple Chicken Bacon Chowder

This week we’ve had a lot of leftovers.  I think it is because my husband has had United Way lunch events at work and consequently, has not taken them for lunch.  I had a whole chicken that needed to be cooked, which I did yesterday, but that was not actually part of Thursday’s dinner.  So I stripped the meat off the carcass, made stock and was left to invent a meal with left over chicken and whatever vegetables were available at home.

Here’s the result: Chicken Bacon Chowder.  Totally Paleo.  Super quick. So good. A tribute to my grandmother’s Corn Chowder. Continue reading Recipe: Simple Chicken Bacon Chowder

Loss: One of Life’s Constants

This is not my usual post on food and recipes.

Today I lost my maternal grandmother.  And although it was not a total surprise (she was 87 and had been having small strokes for about six months), it still shocks and hurts and brings tears.

As I think most families are, my extended family is a little bit dysfunctional – you know, this branch of the family tree isn’t speaking to this one, and so on.  Which left me to wonder if my grandmother’s brother had been called.  So I called him. Continue reading Loss: One of Life’s Constants