About Me

I am a mother, wife, professional engineer and aspiring Health Coach.  Currently I am in the process of transitioning from the technical, corporate world to coaching people on how to make significant and lasting changes in their life through food and lifestyle.  I am also the co-owner of Engineered Bodies / CrossFit Port Moody.

I first became interested in wellness, stress and the role of food in health after losing my father to a sudden heart attack in February 2000.  I have explored and studied Reiki, meditation and Ki training, and spent countless hours researching food and its interactions with health, as well as experimenting in the kitchen. In September 2013, I nervously jumped with two feet into the Health Coaching course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am in the process of completing my Health Coach certificate.

A passionate whole food advocate, I enjoy creating new recipes and sharing her love of food and cooking.  I believe food can heal your body and mind.  And I love to share my passion for food and cooking and assists clients in developing their cooking skills as well as teaching how to make quick, nutritious meals when pressed for time.

As an organic food gardner, I experiment with the plants that grow best in my community garden plot; last summer, spaghetti squash, zucchini and carrots were the winners.

If you are stuck in your habits, think you are too busy to make significant lifestyle changes, or just haven’t seen the physical results you would like just through exercise, I can work with you to uncover the barriers you are experiencing.

Transform your life, live your best life.


A journal of eating clean and living healthy

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